Tips to Choose the Best Ethernet Cable
October 11, 2022
Communication Cables

Computers and the internet or World Wide Web (www) has changed the way the world works. People are now used to instant results for anything they search from across the globe, and this is greatly because of cutting-edge technology and fast internet speed. However, would this be possible without ethernet cables? We think not. But what is an ethernet cable?

It is a cable that connects two or more devices within a local or wide area network; this way, they can communicate with each other. Since it allows data to travel seamlessly, you can connect your modem to router to computers. It is noteworthy that wired connections are almost always more stable than their wireless counterparts, which is why they are less likely to face any disruptions. There are different types
of ethernet cables. Scroll down to learn more.

Types of Ethernet Cables

Which ethernet cable you choose depends on your utility. Given below are details of the different types of ethernet cables and when you should choose them:

Now that you know the best ethernet cables, how can you decide which one to go for? Well, we have designed a guide for you. More on that below.

How to Choose Ethernet Cables?

It is essential to test your home or office’s existing internet connection speed to determine what the best LAN cable for you will be. However, the below pointers are crucial in determining the quality of cable you choose.

  • Cable Jacket Rate
    Cable jackets on an ethernet wire can be made of a non-flame retardant or flame-retardant material. While the former cannot prevent the spread of fire, the latter can. Flame-retardant types include CM, CMR, CMP, LSZH, and more.
  • Copper Conductor
    The purity of copper used within an ethernet cable is directly proportional to the signal quality. It is advisable to choose a wire, which is oxygen-free and up to 99.95% pure for optimal signal strength.
  • Cable Connector
    Like the conductor, the material in the connector is essential for signal quality. Gold is the ideal fit here as it barely oxidizes, which is why you will definitely benefit from a stable and strong internet connection with this type of connector.
  • Fluke Test Report
    A fluke test is deemed as the highest criteria to judge the quality of an ethernet cable. It tests the cable quality according to a variety of standards such as ANSI/TIA, ISO/IEC 11801, and more. We recommend you buy ethernet cables from manufacturers that can provide you with this report.
  • Type
    The best ethernet cables come in two types – Shielded Twisted Pair (STP) and Unshielded Twisted Pair (UTP). While the former is suitable for areas with a lot of electronic interference like airports, the latter is suitable for homes and offices.

While the factors stated above will ensure you choose the best LAN cable, it is imperative to decide on the length and colour of the cable. This will depend on how many devices you are connecting them to and help identify what cable is connected to which device, respectively. But which brand can you trust?

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