How the Quality Cables and Wires Ensure Safety of Your Home?
November 15, 2022
House Wire

The usage of electronic devices and appliances have increased manifold in the recent years. This has proportionately boosted the demand for electric power supply in homes. While geyser use increases in the winters, air conditioners are on throughout a major chunk of the day in summers. This could strain your house electrical wire due to the electric overload, thereby leading to them heating and melting.

The last thing a home owner wants is the lack of safety to the property and people within it, which is why the home electrical wire must be of superior build quality. But how can using good quality house wiring cables ensure the safety of your home? Scroll down to find out more.

  • Helps Prevent Electrocution

    A house electrical wire is a good conductor of electricity. However, ensure you use a house wire with a bad conducting sheath on the outside to reduce the risk of electrocution. Rubber cables are ideal for homes as they are also resistant to natural elements and chemicals due to the insulation.

  • Ensures Even Distribution of Electricity

    Using inferior quality wire for house wiring could mean that some parts of your home may face problems receiving seamless electric power supply. This could prove risky especially in areas frequented by children or ones with multiple appliances like the kitchen, wet balcony, or washrooms.

  • Reduce the Chances of a Short Circuit

    When a house wire cannot take the excess electric load, it tends to heat up and snap, thereby causing a short circuit. In most modern houses with tripper switches, there is a chance to prevent such instances. However, if the property does not have tripper switches or good quality house wiring cables, major appliances risk premature failure.

It is evident that purchasing superior quality home wiring cables can ensure the safety of everyone within it. However, it is equally important that you purchase such house wiring cables from a renowned manufacturer. But, which one?

KEI Industries – India’s Leading Manufacturer of Quality Cables and Wires

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