Vision, Mission & Values


To emerge as one of the world’s leading electrical cables, wires, and allied businesses company with global footprints, offering advanced products and services, delivering sustainable value to all stakeholders.


  • Aspire to achieve a remarkable milestone by attaining a revenue of 14,000 crores in the next five years, solidifying our position as a formidable player in the industry.
  • Strive to emerge as the leading manufacturer in the global wire and cable segment, emphasizing our commitment to excellence and innovation on a worldwide scale.
  • Sustain a robust growth trajectory with a targeted Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) between 16-18%, demonstrating our dedication to consistent and progressive expansion.
  • Enhance our organizational capabilities across diverse disciplines, ensuring comprehensive proficiency that translates seamlessly into effective deployment.
  • Foster in-house Research and Development initiatives to drive New Product Development, particularly in specialty sectors, thereby diversifying and strengthening our product portfolio.
  • Fulfill our commitment to sustainability through ‘Leadership with Care,’ exemplifying best practices in environmental stewardship, community engagement, customer satisfaction, shareholder value, and paramountly, the well-being of our dedicated employees.


  • Safety : Through attitude. (People and Property)
  • Respect : People & Environment.
  • Transparency : In all our dealings, in our behavior.
  • Commitment : Towards self and organizational development.
  • Love & Care : All stakeholders.