PVC Winding Wires


PVC Winding Wire KEI’s especially designed winding wires, outfitted with a high-grade insulation impermeable to liquids, offer highest quality for submersible motors and guarantee trouble-free operation and long motor life. These Wires serve maximum range of submersible pump manufactures and thousands of rewinders across the country due to KEI’s proven reliability in quality products.
Specification As per IS 8783 (Part4 / section1).
Sizes 0.60 mm to 3.00 mm
POLY Winding Wire The poly wrapped Submersible Winding Wires are also manufactured using high quality raw materials and latest technology in complete compliance with the set industrial norms. The Copper Conductor is wrapped with thin Polyester film & Biaxial Oriented Poly Propylene (BOPP) films. The modern plant with sophisticated wrapping heads & inline continuous head shrinkage furnace is installed to get uniform covering. The Triple taped winding wire have excellent Electrical & Mechanical properties. Offered in different power capacities and lengths, these wires are widely used in domestic submersible water pumps and irrigation pumps
Specification As per IS 8783:1995
Sizes 0.50 mm to 3.00 mm
3 Core Flat Cable Submersible Cable (PVC/XLPE) The PVC Insulated & Sheathed 3 Core Flat Cable or XLPE-PVC Flat Cable are manufactured with rigid manufacturing controls to sustain complete immersion in water and protection against rain water which is mainly used in Pump connections.
Sizes 1.50 Sq.mm to 35.00 Sq.mm


These Wires are used for Winding Submersible Pumps Motors of all sizes. Flat Cables are mainly used in pump connection. They are used for both Domestic & Industrial applications.

Salient Features

  • Uniform Resistance
  • Resistance annealed copper & controlled OD
  • Inline monitoring of cable diameter
  • High Voltage Spark Testing
  • Excellent Electrical & mechanical properties

Why our PVC/POLY Submersible Winding Wires & 3 Core Flat Cables

  • Saves Energy – 99.98% pure electrolyte grade Bright annealed bare Copper
  • Maximum energy saving ensures value for money.
  • These Wires & Cables are manufactured keeping in mind the severe, tough and difficult conditions in which they are used.


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