Cold Heading Wire / Cold Forming Wire


KEl’s Stainless Steel Wire for Cold Heading is made by special heat treatment, copper-bearing austenitic steel302CHQ, 304HQ, normal 304 and 430 are also used for cold heading fasteners.

Special Characteristics

Excellent corrosion resistance and mechanical strength and is the most suitable material for bolts,screws and other fasteners and has a marked work hardening characteristics.

Supply Conditions

All KEI wires are coated to ensure smooth heading operations Condition. Cold drawn and Annealed, Cold drawn, Annealed and skin pass or as per customer requirement with very fine tolerance.


Mechanical Properties

Annealed FinishLight Drawn
TypeGradeTensile Strength N/mm2 (Kgf/mm2)Elongation (%)Reduction of area rate (%)Tensile Strength N/mm2 (Kgf/mm2)Elongation (%)Reduction of area rate (%)
AusteniteAISI 304/316490-740 (60-75)40 over70 over650-800 (66-81)2565
AISI 302HQ440-90 (45-60)40 over70 over460-640 (47-65)2565
FerriteAISI 43040-5520 over65 over460-640 (47-65)1060

Diameter Tolerances And Ovality

Dia (Mm)Tolerances(Mm)Ovality(Mm)
In coils on formers placed on pallets.


TypeGradeDiameter (mm)Surface Finish
AusteniteAISI304 AISI302HQ0.80-8.00Bright De-coated wire or sterate coated
FerriteAISI4300.80-8.00Bright De-coated wire or sterate coated
Packing specifications