BanFire – ZHFR is a result of our commitment towards Mother Earth & its environment. BanFire – ZHFR is eco-friendly & combined with enhance safety towards hazardous condition in the unlikely event of fire. “Smoke inhalation is the primary cause of death for victims in indoor fires” – In the unlikely event of fire, KEI’s BanFire – ZHFR would ensure easy breathing of fire trapped people to facilitate rescue.

KEI’s BanFire – ZHFR are manufactured from a specially developed (In-house) PVC polymers, which restrict emission of smoke & Halogen free gases in the unlikely event of fire. Thus, providing enhanced safety to close human habitation in house, residential & commercial complex.

BanFire – ZHFR is capable of handling 105℃ operating temperature along with excellent Fire, Heat retardant & non-toxic characteristics. It is manufactured using min 99.97% Electrolytic grade, annealed bare copper with more than 100% conductivity. Insulated with specially formulated PVC polymer with ZHFR compound, manufactured & formulated in-house. BanFire – ZHFR ensures better reliability, energy efficiency & highest level of safety during fire. Manufacturing proficiency enables BanFire – ZHFR to perform & serve uninterruptedly at adverse working & hazardous atmospheric condition.


These cables are used for wiring domestic and commercial buildings. A fine drawn multi strand conductor provides enhanced Flexibility & makes it ideal for concealed wiring. It is suitable for installation in lighting fittings and appliances up to 1100 v (A.C)


  • Excellent Electrical & mechanical properties.
  • High Flame retardant & fire resistant properties.
  • Lead (Pb) free non-toxic alternatives.
  • Halogen free.
  • Made of Non Toxic polymer.
  • Eco Friendly.
  • Higher Flexibility ensure easy handling & longer life.
  • Steam and boiling water resistant & anti-rodent.
  • Excellent resistant to tarnishing of Copper

Cable Structure

Conductor 99.98% pure electrolyte grade Bright annealed bare Copper.
Insulation FR+HR PVC compound with a high insulation resistance ensures
uninterrupted power supply at all weather condition.
Operating Temp 99.98% pure electrolyte grade Bright annealed bare Copper.
Conductor -15℃ to maximum + 85℃
Standard length of packing 90 meters and 180 meters coil in mono pack.
Color Red, Green, Yellow, Blue, Black.

Why BanFire-ZHFR

  • Made of 99.99% pure Electrolyte grade bright annealed copper ensure enhanced conductivity.
  • Excellent Fire & Heat retardant characteristics at different working condition.
  • Restrict emission of smoke & toxic gases in the event of fire.
  • Lead (Pb) free non-toxic alternatives.
  • Unlikely event of fire the cables will not allow (retard) fire to spread.
  • Unlikely event of fire allows trapped people to breath easily to felicitate rescue operation.
  • Better reliability, energy efficiency & highest level of safety with high Oxygen Index
  • Maximum energy saving ensures value for money


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