Guide to Underground Power Cable
May 16, 2023
Power Cables

Though the use of overhead wires is common in most communities, they have their limitations. That’s why the best option today is the use of underground cable. You will find them in various forms and the sum of conductors. For instance, there are the standard PVC varieties with copper with whichever or 1-4 conductors made of copper and a few available in aluminum. Then, it is important to note that copper cables are more dependable compared to the other kinds because they are extremely conductive materials.

Additionally, there are other classifications based on cable voltage capacity. Normally, you can choose low-voltage underground cables best for transmitting a maximum of 1 kilovolt and the higher voltage variety for 11 kilovolts. Read on to learn more about underground electric cable.

The Benefits of Underground Power Cable for House

You know that overhead wires aren’t always practical and safe for all a building or are not allowed in certain areas. So, here are some of the benefits of underground cables:

  • Enhanced Aesthetics
    To be candid, overhead cables spoil the tidy ambiance of a local area when set up inappropriately. Moreover, they look unsightly. However, when you use underground cables, the area will look neat and aesthetically more appealing. Further, overcrowding of wires and tangled ones not only look unattractive but also unsafe due to electrical hazards.

  • More Durability
    Unlike overhead wires, underground PVC cables are tougher, more durable, and last for many years. That’s because they are not susceptible to damages caused by external climatic factors such as rain, storms, or high winds. The types of underground power cables are varied and lay buried under the ground and so the outage cases are considerably minimized. So, when you have your exams knocking at the door or you are watching your favorite show or game, there are little chances of outages as underground cables are more durable and effective.

  • Safe for Houses and Apartments
    Electrical hazards are common in buildings or homes that use overhead wiring. And so, it’s dangerous to live in a house connected to overhead cables leading to electrical short-circuiting. It is too unsafe for you and your family.

    The underground cabling is way safer than overhead wiring, not accessible to people or external elements. Besides, there are very few chances of electric shocks or related accidents. Then, you need to buy superior underground cables from KEI Industries and installed them with the help of a professional electric technician.

  • Low Maintenance Expenses
    An underground power cable is under the ground and so maintenance costs are quite less as the wire is safe from potential damage. The cables are not exposed to the weather elements like rain, snow, lightning, storms, and hurricanes. Just imagine the condition of overhead wires after a severe storm, all torn, damaged, and tangled. Besides the safety issue, you will need to spend a lot of your money on maintenance.

  • Installation of Underground Cables
    Now you know about the benefits of underground cabling, it’s important to learn how you can install underground cables for your home or building. You can set up underground cabling in many ways based on the local code of your area or community. Usually, you can install underground cables via direct burial or using a specific conduit. No matter what method you choose, both techniques are the same and not that of rocket science. Of course, you will need the assistance of a technician to run underground cables.

  • The Duct Type to use in Underground Power Cables
    There are two types of ducts that you can use to run underground cables for your home or building. These are:

    • Rigid Metal Duct
      You can use a conduit for underground cabling, which is a steel-coated, thick duct. The material is heavy and tough to endure harsh elements and environments. These ducts ate ideal for heavy-traffic zones and industrial areas. Then, rigid metal ducts are more expensive than the PVC varieties, and so people prefer the latter.

    • PVC Duct
      PVS ducts are commonly used for underground cabling and we at KEI industries also recommend the same. The reason being these ducts are cost-effective and made of very lightweight materials. You may be wondering why to choose a lightweight duct if it’s not that durable. No, you’re wrong. Even though PVC ducts are light but they are quite durable due to their water and weather-resistant properties.

    You will like to use a duct for laying underground PVC cable that serves your purpose and which is safe.

KEI Industries- One Stop Solution for Underground Power Cable

Opting for the best-quality underground cable is important to get the best results and avert electrical hazards in the future. Use underground power cable manufactured by KEI Industries to ensure they last for years without any issues. KEI was incorporated in 1968 and Mr. Anil Gupta’s leadership made it a global brand. Thousands of partners across the nations, trusted by millions of customers, KEI is a leader in the underground power cable industry. You can mail us anytime at or visit our website to know more.