All About Solar Cables & Wires
October 1, 2022
Solar Cables

It is 2022 and companies across India and the world are focusing on how to become eco-friendly. Installing solar panels is one of the most beneficial; however, this requires specialized wiring – namely solar cables or solar wires. But what are they?

Solar cables or solar wires are those which connect solar panels to other electric components in a photovoltaic system. By doing this, they act as catalysts to circuits and become channels for electricity to travel. While solar panels harness, store and convert solar energy into usable electricity, the wires and cables transport it to each electric unit for utility. They are, however, different. Learn more about them in detail below.

What are Solar Wires?

The primary function of solar wires is to interconnect the different components of a photovoltaic system – namely the panel, inverter, charge controllers and batteries. These wires come in different types, i.e., single and stranded, and it is imperative to choose one with the right voltage, lest your photovoltaic system ceases to perform optimally.

  • They are predominantly made out of aluminium or copper due to their properties of heat resistance and flexibility.
  • This is in addition to their versatility of being able to be used in indoor as well as outdoor applications.
  • A major differentiator is the insulation material – it could be THHN, TW, THW, THWN, UF, USE, THWN-2, and RHW-2, among others.
  • It is noteworthy that you should use a wire with a higher amp rating to reduce the risk of voltage drops, overheating, and / or fires.
  • The amp rating on a wire is directly proportional to its American Wire Gauge or AWG. The same rule of thumb applies to this – choose a wire with a slightly higher AWG than you require.

Now that you have learnt everything about solar wires, let us dive deep and learn about solar cables.

What are Solar Cables?

A solar cable is one which comprises a number of insulated wires. They are also used to interconnect the several components in a photovoltaic system. However, a major plus point is that they are resistant to extreme weather conditions, temperature, and UV. The higher the number of conductors it contains, the greater its diameter.

  • They come in 2 types – solar DC cable and solar AC cable – a direct current and alternating current variation.
  • Solar DC cable is available in 3 sizes – 2mm, 4mm, and 6mm diameter. They can either be module cables or string cables.
  • The same principal must be kept in mind while choosing a solar cable size – slightly larger and higher voltage than required.
  • The quality of a solar cable is determined by its resistance, ductility, malleability, heat capacity, dielectric strength, and free from halogen.

KEI Solar cables are suitable for permanent outdoor long- term use, under variable and harsh climate extremely resistant to weathering, UV- radiation and abrasion conditions. Individual modules are connected using cables to form the PV generator. The modules are connected into a string which leads into the generator junction box, and a main DC cable connects the generator junction box to the inverter.

Additionally, it is salt water resistant and resistant to acids and alkaline solution. Also suitable for fixed installation as well as for moving applications without tensile load. It is especially designed for outdoor use, which means direct sun radiation and air humidity, due to the halogen free & cross- linked jacket material the cable can also be installed in dry and humid conditions indoors.

They are designed and tested to operate at a normal maximum temperature 90 deg. C. and for 20,000 hours up to 120 deg. C.

We have covered the details about solar wires and solar cables so you can set up your photovoltaic unit with ease! But which manufacturer can you trust for these wires and cables?

KEI Industries – India’s Leading Solar Wire and Cable Manufacturer

KEI Industries – once Krishna Electrical Industries – is a leading wire manufacturer headquartered in India. What started in 1968 in the rubber wiring business has quickly grown to become a full-fledged multi-product company. We specialize in making solar wires, solar cables, solar DC cables, stranded wires (House Wires), fire resistant wires, extra-high voltage cables, high/medium voltage or low voltage cables, communication or instrumentation cables. To know more, send us an email at Alternatively, you can visit and learn about our entire product range or see how we have helped other brands grow in India and the world.