All About Marine Wire & Its Types
December 26, 2022
Marine Wire

A marine wire – also known as a marine electrical wire, marine electrical cable, and marine grade electrical wire – is one that is designed to be used in marine applications. They are ideal to be used in the sea or ocean due to their excellent water resistance, protection against salt water corrosion, and satisfactory performance in extreme temperatures and under high vibration.

In addition, a marine wire is made of a number of copper conductors. This high conductor count enables it to be extra flexible – a major benefit when needed to be installed in narrow areas of boats or ships. However, when you are searching for the ideal marine electrical wire, there are a plethora of options that you can choose from. Know more about them below.

Types of Marine Electrical Cables

If you are in need for a marine electrical wire but are unsure of which one to choose, you are not alone. Not to worry, we have got you covered. Given below are the different types of marine electrical cables:

  • Bare Copper

    Made from bare copper, this type of marine wire is designed to be used as general circuit wiring in marine application equipment. It can withstand temperatures up to 105 degrees Celsius.

  • Tinned Copper

    This type of marine electrical cable is made from copper wire with a tinned coating. This is built to reduce salt water corrosion and prevent electrical short circuits. It can also withstand temperatures up to 105 degrees Celsius.

  • Flat Cable

    This type of cable has a PVC insulated multi conductor.

  • Round Cable

    Much like their flatter counterparts, round cables also have a PVC insulated multi conductor. However, their shape enables them to be more versatile in terms of installation.

  • SAE Cable

    Used for general purpose marine applications, these cables are made from general purpose thermoplastic (GPT) and conform to SAE regulations. Their temperature range is between –20 degrees Celsius to 105 degrees Celsius.

  • Shipboard Cable

    These cables are designed keeping in mind additional safety features for people on board a vessel. They are categorized into low smoke zero halogen cables and coax cables.

  • Battery Cable

    Resistant to oil, fuel and acid, this cable is designed to withstand the toughest of marine conditions. Its temperature range is between –20 degrees Celsius to 105 degrees Celsius.

Such marine cables are highly flexible and offer good conductivity. However, it is imperative to make your purchase from a reputed brand. But which?

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