Electrical Fire Hazards & Safety Tips
March 25, 2022
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As per the latest findings, it’s observed that electrical fire hazards lead to more injuries and deaths. Besides, when a raging fire spreads across a region, the property is likely to get damaged. So, it’s extremely important to be aware of such hazards and the root causes of the incidents. Further ahead, you also need to know how you can prevent the fire from spreading across the entire area. So, as you read ahead, you can check out the causes of the fire hazards and more about preventing the fire. 

1. Faulty Electrical Outlets

Most of the time, you will observe fire when the electrical outlets are faulty. Moreover, you may also sense danger owing to worn-out sockets. On the other hand, when the wires of the circuit become loose, it can eventually lead to a fire. The area is also likely to get lit up when the cords get damaged and frayed. Hence, you may have to purchase new outlets and cords to ensure electrical fire safety.

2. Worn-out Electrical Wiring

When the electrical wiring becomes old, it can lead to a fire. If you’re living in a home that is more than 20 years old, then the wiring may not be capable of handling numerous electrical appliances. In the end, the old wires tend to get heated up quickly and catch fire in the long run. But, such a situation will arise depending on the quality of installation, the quality of electrical supply and regular maintenance. Way ahead, at some instances, it may be tough to find out whether the electrical wiring is unsafe or old. However, you need to observe electrical issues and react immediately. You have to pay attention when the lights flicker, when you sense a burning smell or when the appliances become excessively hot. 

3. Overloading of The Electrical Circuits

When numerous appliances like the television, the computer and the home theatre are connected with a single extension board, it can lead to excess power load over the cord. Once the circuit becomes overloaded, the home is at risk of an electric fire. Because of this, you should ensure that you don’t overload the circuits. If you don’t have sufficient outlets, you can get in touch with an electrician to install the outlets. This tip will further mitigate the risks, and you would not have to refer to an electrical fire prevention guide. 

4. Old Appliances

When the appliances are running with faulty wiring around the area, then the place is likely to catch fire. Further ahead, it’s not enough to proceed with a simple electrical repair. Some day or the other, you will have to purchase updated appliances to ensure electrical and fire safety. You will also have to seek assistance from an experienced electrician who will be able to install appliance-grade outlets. In order to keep the house safe, he will also work towards installing ground fault circuit interrupters like surge protectors. Furthermore, if you’re using a portable heater frequently, make sure that you don’t place it near the curtains, beds, or couch. As these things are likely to get burnt easily, they can catch fire at a particular instance. 

5. Light Fixtures

When you set up bulbs that need high wattage, they can lead to an electrical fire. Hence, before installing the fixtures, you have to check the recommended bulb wattage. In case you fail to follow the wattage guidelines, then it leads to fire. Placing a cloth or paper on the lampshade could be another cause for the fire. Additionally, you should check the light fixtures and lamps before setting them up. Faulty lamps and fixtures may ultimately be the cause of electrical fire hazards. 

Tips to Consider for Electrical and Fire Safety

  • When you come across loose outlets, you have to repair or replace them as soon as possible. Subsequently, you will have to make the nuts tight so that it can help to improve the connection later.
  • When you sense danger across your house, then you should contact an expert. As the professional carries out an electrical safety audit, he will be able to figure out what’s gone wrong across the house. Later, he will also come up with solutions to prevent the house from getting burnt due to fire. An electrical fire prevention guide can serve to be useful when the expert is concerned about safety.
  • To mitigate the risk of property damage, you can think about setting up smoke detectors or fire extinguishers. You also need to select heavy-duty extension cords for every kind of application. To curb the spread of fire to a new area, you can also insist the electrician to use fire retardant cables.

Finally, to ensure electrical fire safety, you must buy appliances that are designed as per the approved safety standards. In case the appliances start making weird noises or they start functioning in a different way, then you should not wait till the cord catches fire. Without any delay, you have to replace the cord right away.