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June 10, 2022
Communication Cables

The internet and wired telephones are two things that have redefined communication since the early 80s. It made verbal and non-verbal communication possible despite two (or more) people not being at the same place and time. However, the backbone for this is a LAN cable and telephone cable. But what are these networking cables? More on them below.

What Is A LAN Cable?

A LAN cable is one which connects computers to different peripherals so they can connect with each other over a small distance. Devices can transfer information or files to each other over a high-speed internet connection. There are 3 main types of LAN cables:

  • Fiber Optic Cable
  • Coaxial Cable
  • Copper Twisted Pair
    • Cat 5e Ethernet Cable
    • Cat 6 Ethernet Cable
    • Cat 6a Ethernet Cable
    • Cat 7 Ethernet Cable
    • Cat 8 Ethernet Cable

How to Choose A LAN Cable?

Since there are different types of LAN cables, you must assess the devices you would like to connect. Not all LAN cables are compatible with each device.

  • Determine the Internet Speed on Your Premises:

    Your internet speed will be a major deciding factor on which LAN cable you should opt for. If your internet connection gives you less than 30 MBPS, an older CAT 5 cable could work; however, for fast speeds like 1 GBPS, the latest Cat 8 ethernet cable is the best.

  • Understand the Distance Between Your Internet Modem and Devices:

    LAN cables have a faster transmission speed than wi-fi. However, they have 2 speed ratings; from 10 to 30 meters and 30 to 100 meters. If you’re looking at a 30 meter + distance, choose a LAN cable with a faster speed rating than you require.

However, way before LAN cables were telephone cables that also doubled as early internet cables. Know all about them below.

What Are Telephone Cables?

A telephone cable is one which connects a computer or telephone to a network. Not only can they help transmit sound but also internet connectivity. Their core generally comprises copper wire (0.3 – 0.9mm) that is covered with PE or PVC. There are 4 main types of telephone cables:

  • Straight cords
  • Flat cords
  • Reverse cords
  • Coiled cords

How to Choose A Telephone Cable?

You must choose telephone cables based on your requirements – whether calling or as extension cables. They have different colour codes that can help you distinguish between them:

Orange Dial tone + speech
Blue Dial tone + speech
Brown Phone extension
Orange + White bands Phone extension
Blue + White bands Dial tone + speech
White + Blue bands Dial tone + speech

However, you must buy good quality communication cables, irrespective of whether they are telephone cables or a LAN cable. But which company provides superlative cables?

KEI Industries – The Market Leader in LAN and Telephone Cables

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