Jeevan Jyoti

KEI Wires and Cables had a humble beginning as a partnership firm way back in 1968. Over a period of 50 years, we have become a strong family, serving our customers in more than 45 countries with the help of our 5000 channel partners.

While we grew in business, we also fulfilled our responsibilities towards the society. We did this through various CSR programs e.g. Ghar ki Jyoti, Janani Jyoti, Shiksha Jyoti etc. Our sole objective has been to empower the individual; thereby creating a strong family and a stronger nation.

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Mesage From
Mrs. Archana

Director, KEI Industries Ltd.

Custodian of CSR
Activities at KEI

Dear Friends,

“I hope you are keeping safe. We all are passing through a very difficult phase in our life. However, during this testing time, we should help each other to the best of our abilities to make this world once again a happy place to live in. KEI Wires and Cables strongly feels that Electricians like you are very important members of our family. Therefore, KEI wants to recognise the efforts of those of you who have supported their daughters in continuing their education somehow, during this pandemic.”

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Talent Hunt

The prime objective of “Jeevan Jyoti” is to identify the talents of the children of electricians working with KEI. Each child is unique in nature and possesses talents of some kind or the other. This talent needs to be identified at an early stage and the child should be encouraged to pursue it. However, it is quite natural that the child will not have the necessary maturity to identify her own talent. Therefore, it becomes the prerogative of parents and elder siblings to carry out this responsibility.


For Age 8 - 11 Years

These children have just entered into the world of formal education and are in either Play Schools or Pre Primary Sections. Our present education system exposes them into a wide variety of games and activities to Identify their abilities and likings

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For Age 12 - 20 Years

These are students of either Middle Section or have passed out of school. Most of them have by now known their inclination and are in need of proper guidance. They are to move into Inspire and Involve stages.

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Educational Games
Communication Skill

Knowledge Bank

Jeevan Jyoti offers a huge repository of resource materials aimed at holistic development of our children. It has Motivational Lectures from some of the best Life Coaches of today. These coaches have already inspired thousands of young minds achieve their goal in life.
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  • Motivational Lectures
  • Inspirational Stories
  • TED Talks
  • Short Films
  • News Makers
  • Book Shelf
  • Ideas Corner

Frequently Asked

This section contains the answers of all the pertinent questions that a user of Jeevan Jyoti micro site may have in mind. These questions are thoughtfully included and replied in a language that our children will easily understand and appreciate.

What does the tab “Talent Hunt” offer?

“Talent Hunt” has content appropriate for 2 age groups: Young Achievers (8-11yrs) and Go Getters (12-20yrs).

What do I find under “Young Achievers”?

“Young Achievers” will offer you Fun Games and Educational Games – that are appropriate for this age group. These games increase logical reasoning, team building, and coordination of sensory-motor nerves of the players.

What do I get under “Go Getters”?

“Go Getters” offers you various games and activities related to Personality Development, Team Building and Life Building Skills appropriate for this age group.

What are the sections present in Knowledge Bank?

“Knowledge Bank” offers you relevant and useful content under four sections: Motivational Lectures, Inspirational Stories, Short Films, TED Talks, and News Makers. You can choose the content that you want to watch.

Which type of content is available under “Motivational Lectures”?

It contains lectures delivered by the acclaimed Life Coaches on a wide variety of topics.

What does “Inspirational Stories” offer?

In this section the narrator tells a story from well-known mythologies and highlights its moral that is relevant for today’s young generation.

What are “Short Films” about?

These are films based on either real-life incidents or fiction, with a strong life building message.

What are “TED” Talks?

These are highly inspirational talks delivered by “common” people, sharing personal experiences on how their grit and determination shaped them into “uncommon” personalities.

What does “News Makers” offer?

“News Makers” is a collection of success stories of how “out of the box” thinking of some ordinary citizens made them extra ordinary.

Do I need to watch the entire video?

Yes, it is advisable to watch the entire video to get fully benefitted. It is because, the message of the video is spread all along, and watching it in bits will mean you may miss the important “take away”.

How to Skip the Ads that appear in the video?

To remove the ads, click the button “Skip the Ads” that appears with them.

How to remove other unwanted displays that appear in the video?

The unwanted displays cause disturbance in learning. To remove them, click the ‘x’ sign that appears on their right corner.

Will there be new content available in Jeevan Jyoti?

Jeevan Jyoti site will be constantly updated with new content. Please visit the site regularly and enrich yourself.